Recipes reviews so far…

Caramel Apple Sangria – REALLY sweet. I didn’t really follow a recipe because I couldn’t find Caramel Vodka. Apparently everyone is making Caramel Apple Sangria right now. So I used apple chunks soaked in about a cup of butterscotch schnapps (which were delicious on their own), a half gallon of apple cider and 2 bottles of white wine (1 pinot grigio and 1 moscato). If we make it again I’d cut back on the cider and choose 2 dry white wines to cut the sweetness.

Healthy Mediterranean 7-Layer Dip – DELICIOUS. I made this during the summer for a pool party and it was a big hit then too. This time it was watery, so be sure to drain the tomatoes and cucumbers (or let them sit on a paper towel for a while) before you add to the layers. This is great with crackers or even celery stalks if you want to keep calories low.

Broccoli Chicken Mac and Cheese – Pretty tasty and easy to prepare. I used packaged shredded chicken, not realizing it was already spiced for tacos. But it gave the M&C a great southwest flavor.

Caribbean Beef Stew – We enjoyed this tonight. I forgot to prep last night, but it didn’t take much time this morning. I couldn’t find fresh thyme at Kroger so I used dried, less than ideal. When we got home at 4 there really wasn’t enough liquid to define this as a stew. So I added a tall can of SunKing Oktoberfest to the crock pot and let it cook for another hour. It was tasty, but I’d double up on garlic next time, because I love garlic, and search for that fresh thyme. My husband wasn’t excited about the beer taste, so it may just be extra water too.


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