3.14 = Pi Day (aka Pie Day)

March 14th is a day I get to embrace my inner-geek.  Church is donating 650 pies to area teachers to say “thank you” for all they do.  I LOVE this holiday – it really should be a National holiday – and I really appreciate all that our teachers do, so I’m planning to make 8 pies.  Right now this will be 2 each of the first 4 pies below, but I’m open to suggestions.  Donation pies shouldn’t require refrigeration.  I have a Wick’s Sugar Cream pie in the freezer that I was planning to share with the family.

Pies to donate:
Key Lime Pie (my favorite)
Sugar Cream Pie (an Indiana tradition)
Brownie Pie (sounds decadent)
Chocolate Chip Pie (the hubby’s favorite)

Alton Brown never fails to amuse me with his smart, dare I say ingenious, how-to guides.  Here’s Alton’s Pie Crust recipe.

What pie(s) are you making this year?


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